Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Attacked site

My main website is currently undergoing an attack. It looks like some form of DDS attack, so for the moment my domain will re-direct here until the problem is resolved.

 This is a site that's been online about 7 years across two domains with no problems EVER before. Funnily enough these issues started very soon after I posted a couple days ago about the lies, slander & fraud committed against me by Debbie Long aka Tenashar.   Co-incidence? hmmmmm

 If you want to read the story along with a copy of my post you can go here 

Now to whoever is doing this on behalf of Tenashar. If this doesn't stop soon then I'll just keep this redirect in place and when I get home to Aus I'll just edit up as many new images of Debbie that I can. And I have hundreds that nobody has seen. Flickr, 500px, deviat art,,, tumblr etc will be flooded with these new images of Tenashar all pointing toward a url telling the whole story on a bulletproof web 2.0 platform. Good luck taking down those platforms with your pissy little denial of service attacks...

If you were in the right Tenashar you wouldn't have to try to squash the truth.

Here are small versions of the shots that it appears she is still trying to hide by whatever underhanded methods she can, large ones are on my site ( @ ) as soon as it's back up and running, defensive options are being explored :

Your move.